42.1 Faith, Hope and Charities

Published: July 2016

42.1 Faith, Hope and Charities explores how faith groups and environmental leaders are helping to contour a horizon of hope amid debilitating data on climate change. The issue's theme editor Stephen Bede Scharper, professor of environment at University of Toronto and leading expert on the intersection of faith and environmentalism, has curated a wide range of Canadian voices to explore this subject.

Some of the highlights: 

  • Earthbound: Peter Timmerman explores how we need to relearn to live in a finite world.
  • We Are Renewable: Reconciling peaceful relationships  between First Nations and Canada requires burying the weapons of the past.
  • A Sense of Community: Understanding Canada's ecosystem of environmentalism. 
  • Atwood Believes: Environmentalism with Faith has at least of chance of working when you save what you love. 
  • Happy Activism: Six ways to make our movement strong and feed our spirit. 

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Environmentalism with faith has at least a chance of working when you save what you love. In terms of Atwood and religion, things are a bit more complicated than they might at first appear.

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