Art & Media 40.3

Published: July 2014

A\J's third annual Art & Media issue delves into video games, television, hand-held electronics and other personal technology in search of latent environmental messages and opportunities to turn technology into a force for positive, conscious change.

In the issue:

  • Behind the scenes on the CBC's Wild Canada
  • How kids are rebooting used stuff at Canada’s thriving maker spaces
  • Eight must-see summer art exhibits across the country.
  • How artist nik harron's favourite video games have strengthened his environmental perspective
  • Kevin McElvaney's heartbreaking photo essay from Ghana’s electronics graveyards

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Full article available online
FreshPaper has a great story, savvy marketing and the goal of feeding the developing world, but only high-end supermarkets are buying it.
Web Exclusive
100 musicians and crew made the trek up to BC’s Farnham Glacier to mourn the approval of a 6,500-skier-capacity resort in the Jumbo Valley.
A trio of climate film reviews: The Wisdom to Survive, Greedy Lying Bastards and The Carbon Rush.
Three books that provide the big picture of the global environmental outlook and Canada's role in it: The Burning Question; Globalization and the Environment; and The War on Science.
Fort McMoney uses an intriguing new way of storytelling that combines the visual potency of conventional documentary with the open-ended asides that hyperlinks allow.

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