Children's Health 28.1

Published: January 2002

Editorial: A Sacred Task

Experimenting on Children - Kathleen Cooper
Despite the lessons from experience with lead in gasoline, Canadian regulators are only slowly adopting more precautionary approaches to environmental health threats involving children.

Starting Off - Loren Vanderlinden
milk is still nature's best infant food, but it is vulnerable to persistent contaminants.

Unambiguous Results - Elizabeth A. Guillette
When Mexico's Yaqui Indians split into two different agricultural camps in the 1950s, their children became an unusually perfect test group for the effects of pesticide exposure.

Home Hazards - Bruce Lofquist
Residential pesticides pose threats to children's health.,

Food Fights - Katherine Barrett
Canadian regulators are under pressure to face the uncertainties of genetically modified food.

The Rule of Ten - Sandra Schwartz and Kapil Khatter
Standards should be ten times stricter to ensure safe levels of exposure for children.

Big Effects on Little Bodies - Elaine Murkin
Extreme weather events associated with climate change are bringing added threats to child health and safety.

Breathing Easier - Jim Fulton
Smog kills more Canadians than car accidents, and asthma affects about two million Canadians, many of them children. We can change that.

Resources for Children's Health

More Alternatives

Food labelling, Endangered Species Bill, Oak Ridges Moraine, Earth Summit 2002

Stir It Up - Tooker Gomberg
Looking at post-September 11 advertising.

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
Assessing the environmental implications of September 11.

Hot Green Websites - Kelly Loverock

The Last Resort - Keri Cronin
Parks Canada wins battle to permit big hotel expansion in Banff, but
environmentalists hope there will be no more.

New Networking - Tamara Levine
Green TV gets connected in Canada.

Co-Evolution - Robert McGhee
New evidence suggests that to be truly human is to be partly wolf.

Canadian Graduate Environmental Studies Programs
A directory to connect students with environmental schools.

Tim Doyle's Green Power - Kate Crowley

John Madeley's Hungry for Trade - Jennifer Clapp

Last issue Brenda Donor stirred debate about charity law.

Brain Mulch - Ryan Kennedy
Pondering New Zealand's "flatulence tax".

Children's Health 28.1
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