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Podcast for: Food & Drink 39.4

In the Food & Drink podcast, you’ll learn that the Canadian government doesn’t care about organic food or healthy drinking water.

Emily Slofstra interviews Taarini Chopra (3:57) about genetically modified alfalfa. If Roundup Ready alfalfa gets on the market, there will be major impacts to the food system, both economically and to the quality of the food. If you are a member of a CSA or buy organic produce or meat, there’s a good chance your farmer will be impacted if their food gets contaminated by GM alfalfa, so check out the National Farmers Union and the Canadian Biodiversity Action Network to find out what you can do to make a difference. Read "Be Warned" on to learn more.

Daryn Caister talks to Chris Wood (20:00), author of Down the Drain: How We are Failing to Protect our Water Resources. Wood argues that governments shouldn’t have the option of abandoning our natural security. What is natural security and what does it have to do with water? And how might water have an impact on our “genital equipment”? Listen to the podcast, order a copy of A\J and pick up Wood’s book to get answers to all your water-related questions.