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Published: October 2002

Editorial: Environmental Baggage

Gorilla Tourism - Greg Ringer
Uganda uses tourism to recover from decades of violent conflict.
Inset: Recipe for Ape Conservation - Kelly Loverock

Left In Its Wake - Ross A. Klein
The cruise industry favours a voluntary approach to environmental responsibility, but has performed badly where tough regulatory controls are not in place.

Ancestral Homes - Luis A. Vivanco
Indigenous peoples are pushing for tourism alternatives that respect community, culture and the land.

Scrubbing the Greenwashers - Peter Johnson
Certification and education may help separate the eco-experience from the eco-hype.

Cottaging - Stephen Svenson
A tourist takes a vacation from responsibility; the cottager makes a commitment to place.

The New Gold Rush - Teresa Earle and Darielle Talarico
Yukon’s challenge is to preserve its identity and environment while welcoming more tourists.

Destruction In Disguise - Anita Pleumarom
The people of Mazatlán, Mexico, have many reasons for welcoming visitors.
Inset: Exploring Ecotourism in Three Communities - Kelly Loverock
Inset: Canadian Environmental Tourism Programs Directory

Inflight Impact - Jennifer Lynes and Susanne Becken
One long flight can blow your annual CO2 budget.

More Alternatives

World Food Summit
Endangered rivers
GMO labelling
Canadian mine in Australian wetland

Political Science - Stephen Bocking
A prominent report praising genetically modified crops yields only speculation, unjustified assumptions and biased analysis.

Stir It Up - Gord Perks
Grassroots crusaders are winning on the pesticide battleground.

Hot Green Websites - Kelly Loverock

On Our Watch - Erica Thompson
Whether it’s counting spring peepers or collecting seeds from oak savanna patches, citizen stewardship is on the rise.

Low Salt Diet - Jessica Grillanda
New findings reveal road salt’s toxicity.

North Wind - Avery Ascher
Nunavut and Yukon are hoping wind turbines will reduce dependency on diesel plants.

Sun Over Lesotho - Graham Hayman
Solar power project brings new opportunities to Mohaleshoek.

Roadkill Buffet - John Webster Hochstadt
An innovative feeding program helps defuse conflict between grizzly bears and Alberta ranchers.

Canadian Undergraduate Environmental Studies Programs
A directory to connect students with environmental schools.

Last Cheater’s Waltz - Ellen Meloy
Petrotyranny - Robert C. Hoover

Beyond vegetarians
Place philosophy
Biodiesel road trip

Brain Mulch - Ryan Kennedy
How about tourism makeovers for eco-disaster sites?

Just Visiting 28.4
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