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Save the Great Lakes Alternatives Journal 13.3

Saving the Great Lakes 13.3

Editorial: Saving the Great Lakes – Thomas Whillans The Great Lakes as a Touchstone for Canada-United States Relationships – Michael J. Donahue Use and Abuse, Conflict and Harmony: The Great Lakes Fishery in Transition – Thomas H. Whillans and Fikret Berkes Opposing Phosphorus and Nitrogen Trends in the Great Lake […]

Environment and Development Alternatives Journal 12.3-4

Environment and Development 12.3-4

Editorial: Environment and development – Robert Gibson Environmental degradation and human conflict – John Tinker, Lloyd Timberlake and Renee Sabatier Women in development: a critique of mainstream models – Anita Anand Bhopal: a lesson for Canadian aid – Gary Gallon Development through conservation: the case of energy – William U. […]

Bhopal Legacies Alternatives Journal 13.4

Bhopal Legacies 13.4

Editorial: Salvation in insignificant increments – Robert Gibson The Three Legacies of Bhopal – Sehdev Kumar Feasting in Haida Gwaii – Alex Grzybowski and Diane Brown Wild Plants: Sustenance for the Hungry – Liz Pope The Grassroots Approach to Development in Latin America – Miguel A. Altieri Freedom and Necessity […]

Environmental Ethics Alternatives Journal 12.2

Environmental Ethics 12.2

Editorial: The Relevance of Ethics – Douglas Torgerson Moral Concern and the Ecosphere – John A. Livingston Moral Concern and Animals – Bernard E. Rollins The Canadian Harp Seal Hunt: A Moral Issue – L.W. Sumner Animal Suffering and the Ethics of Eating Meat – Robert E. Carter The Paradox […]

Soft Energy Alternatives Journal 12.1

Soft Energy 12.1

Editorial: Windmills: a revolutionary symbol – Robert Gibson Megaproject Mania: Round Two – Ted Schrecker A Soft Energy Path for Canada: Can it be Made to Work? – John Robinson ed. Water Conservation: the Untapped Solution – B.A. Benninger Guerilla Forestry: George Marek vs. the MNR – Trevor Wickham

The Politics of Acid Rain Alternatives Journal 11.2

The Politics of Acid Rain 11.2

Editorial: Acid Rain and Political Reality – Douglas Torgerson Acid Rain as a Political Dilemma – Robert Gibson Acid Rain Diplomacy: The Need for a Bilateral Resolution – John Carroll Life, Liberty and the American Pursuit of Acid Rain – Don Munton Industry and Acid Rain: The Canadian Corporate Response […]

Occupational Health Alternatives Journal 11.3-4

Occupational Health 11.3-4

Editorial: Labour and Environmentalists: A Timely Alliance – Robert Paehlke WOSH: Fighting for Occupational Health and Safety in a Time of Economic Crisis – Leonard W. Wallace and John M. Shields Class Conflict, Technology and Health: The Hidden Agenda of “Risk Management” – Ted Schrecker Medical Monitoring: Occupational Health and […]

Toxic Wastes Alternatives Journal 10.2-3

Toxic Wastes 10.2-3

Editorial – Robert Paehlke Time for Action: Taking first steps toward solving Canada’s toxic waste problem – Vic Niemela South Cayuga I: Lessons in the Need for Public Participation – Phil Weller and John Jackson South Cayuga II: The Role of the Ontario Waste Management Corporation – Michael Scott A […]

Alternatives Journal 10.4

Marx and the Environment 10.4

Editorial: Beyond Neutrality – Douglas Torgerson Energy in the Yukon: A Soft Path for a Northern Territory – David Brooks, Margaret Oldfield and Tony Hodge Hydro Power on the Periphery: A Comparison of Newfoundland, Tasmania and the South Island – Peter Crabb Client Centered Community Impact Assessment – Frank Tester […]

Environmental Issues in Alberta Alternatives Journal 11.1

Environmental Issues in Alberta 11.1

Editorial: Dispelling the image of the “blue-eyed sheiks” – Phil Elder, Bill Ross and Dixon Thompson Solar Activities in Alberta – Tang Lee Eulogy for STOP: A Decade of Environmental Activism – Linda Duncan Hazardous Waste Management: The Report and Recommendations of the Environmental Council of Alberta – John Lilley