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Oil Sands, Acid Rain, Nuclear Power Alternatives Journal  9.4

Oil Sands, Acid Rain, Nuclear Power 9.4

Editorial: Environmentalism and Time Horizon – Robert C. Paehlke Oil Sands Development and Acid Rain in Alberta – Gregory Taylor Ecological Sanity and Social Justice: Public Health in the Age of Osiris – Trevor Hancock Carving up the Wilderness: Strategic Land Use Planning in Northern Ontario – John Marsh On […]

Environmental Challenges for the 1980's Alternatives Journal 10.1

Environmental Challenges for the 1980’s 10.1

Editorial: Environmental Challenges for the 80s – Beatrice Olivastri and R. Brian Woodrow A Decade of Environmental Concern: Retrospect and Prospect – Donald A. Chant Environment in the 80s: Global Challenges and Responsibilities – Noel J. Brown Much To Be Done: Exploring the Interface Between Occupational and Environmental Health – […]

Soft Energy Paths Part ll Alternatives Journal 9.1

Soft Energy Paths Part ll 9.1

Editorial – Robert Paehlke New Brunswick: An Alternative Energy Future – John Sheehan and Andrew Secord Jobs and Energy A Speech – Richard Grossman Manitoba: Soft Energy Path – Yvonne Penning and Lewis McCall Towards a Soft Energy Future for Alberta – William A. Ross Another Look at The Conserver […]

Spring 1980 Alternatives Journal  9.2

Spring 1980 9.2

Editorial – R. Paehlke Proposed Hat Creek Valley Coal Development – Glen Scobie The Spruce Budworm Controversy in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – Kari Lie Some Environmental Aspects of a Canadian Constitution – Geoff Mains Energy Autonomy for Qubec from an Ecological Perspective – Hélène Lajambe Canol – A […]

The Conserver Society and Low Income People Alternatives Journal  9.3

The Conserver Society and Low Income People 9.3

Editorial – Beatrice Olivastri and Joan E. Farrell Economic Growth, Equity and the Conserver Society – Ted Schrecker Working with Ideas: A Report on a Local Initiative – John S. Lawless The Impact of Energy Prices on Low Income Households – Michael Miloff Energy Savings at Home ? A Reasonable […]

Behaviour in the "Crunch" Alternatives Journal  8.2

Behaviour in the “Crunch” 8.2

Editorial – Robert Paehlke and Sally Lerner Behaviour in the “Crunch” – Sally Lerner Relative Deprivation: when does it lead to Anger, Achievement or Disengagement – M. Mark and T. Cook The Canadian Case – Wilson Head Newspapers and the Coastal Oil Spill Hazard – Roger Needham Distributive Justice and […]

Soft Energy Paths Alternatives Journal 8.3-4

Soft Energy Paths 8.3-4

Lovins on Soft Paths vs. Hard Paths A Speech – Amory Lovins A Guide to Soft Energy Studies David Brooks and Sean Casey A Note from SEP Editor Chris Conway The Case of Ontario – Chris Conway and Robert Crow Is SEP Feasible for Saskatchewan? – Herman Boerma and Daryl […]

Alternatives Journal 7.2

Winter 1978 7.2

Editorial: A Question of Poisoning – Ted Schrecker Mercury and Kepone: Two Killers on Two Continents – Reiko Watanuki Notes from the Territories: Arsenic Poisoning – Lloyd Tataryn Notes from Thunder Bay: Asbestos in the Water – James Harding The Wild Creatures, the Native People, and Us: Canadian Literary-Ecological Relationships […]

Under the Gun: Militarism and the Environment Alternatives Journal 7.3

Under the Gun: Militarism and the Environment 7.3

Editorial: Environment and Economic Policy – Ted Schrecker Under the Gun: Militarism and the Environment – Ernie Regehr Energy and Labor: Job Implications of Energy Development or Shortage – Barry Commoner Solar Energy: One Union’s Viewpoint – John Kurchak The Marine Mode: Oil, Gas and Arctic Shipping – Edgar J. […]

Alternatives Journal 7.4

The North 7.4

Editorial: The News from the Northlands – Jamie Benidickson and Bruce Hodgins Northern Ontario: Problems and Prospects, Past and Present – Jamie Benidickson Marmion Lake Generating Station: Another Northern Scandal? – Peter Kelley The Plight of Ontario’s Northern Forests – Kari Lie “The Water Equation” – Douglas H. Pimlott