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41.2 Issue Cover - Health

Health 41.2

The Ultimate Health Issue with guest editor Gideon Forman (Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment) explores environmental issues with significant health impacts – toxics, pesticides, local food, resource extraction – that are poised to be key issues in this election year. The issue also captures the momentum of increasing […]

Canada's Map to Sustainability

Canada’s Map to Sustainability 41.1

Canada is on the cusp of embracing and implementing sustainability, and this issue is our map to getting there. In the most important issue that A\J has published in our 44-year history, we team up with leading Canadian scholars to chart our country’s path toward a sustainable future.

40.5 Issue Cover – Water 2014 "Deep Trouble"

Water 40.5

In these times of climate change, with unexpected floods and drought, this issue shows how important it is to take care of our freshwater and marine resources. A\J travels from coast to coast to coast to examine fresh- and salt-water initiatives that are making waves and inspiring change in our […]


Education 40.4

Environmental education teaches how to be in the world, how to connect and partner with others to achieve a goal, how to synthesize disparate world views and consider innovative possibilities as solutions. A\J’s 2014 Education issue digs into what it means to get an environmental education – plus where to get […]

Cover of the third annual A\J Art & Media issue

Art & Media 40.3

A\J’s third annual Art & Media issue delves into video games, television, hand-held electronics and other personal technology in search of latent environmental messages and opportunities to turn technology into a force for positive, conscious change.

Cover of the A\J Sharing issue on the sharing economy, April 2014

Sharing 40.2

It’s the secret ingredient to building better communities, a stronger economy and a healthier planet – and the cultural shift we’ve been waiting for. Every time we choose not to go it alone, we get a better grip on how to move forward.

A\J Resource Wars issue cover. Water bottle grenade.

Resource Wars 40.1

Fracking. Hydro Dams. Pipelines. This is the fight of our lives. Humans have culled and mined resources from our habitats for centuries, but never before has it been so intensive and extensive, nor have we ever been so aware of the looming downside. We know that choosing how to manage, […]

A\J Heroes issue cover. Dawn Deydey the non-stop volunteer

Heroes 39.6

Meet your new heroes. Our Great Canadian Game Changers lineup includes trailblazing communities across the country; David Suzuki, Tzeporah Berman and Elizabeth May‘s own eco-heroes; and a small pile of stand-up scientists, organizers and thinkers who are rewriting the rules. 

A\J Night issue cover. Solar flares.

Night 39.5

The Night issue investigates ideas that resonate most deeply in the dark. Giles Slade sizes up the vulnerability of North Americans’ lifestyles against the possibility of a serious geomagnetic storm.

Food & Drink 39.4 A\J

Food & Drink 39.4

We are what we eat, and with more dysfunction, complexity and opportunity in our food systems than ever before, what we choose to put in our bodies has never been more critical. From the unsettling trajectory of