Power and Development 23.2

Published: April 1997

Editorial: Brundtland and Beyond - Ray Tomalty

The Power Elite - Stephen Bocking
The Bakun Dam will flood 69,000 hectares of tropical forest, and displace thousands of people, to generate at great cost, electricity for which there is no immediate market..

A Foot in the Door -Juli A. Abouchar
Transnational corporations have always had access to international levers of power. Environmental groups are just now gaining some legal recognition and access.

City Limits - David McDonald
New public-private partnerships for improving cities may not meet UN Habitat Conference expectations.
Inset: Exorcising Apartheid from South Africa's Cities by David McDonald
Inset: Pride and Power in a Lima Shanty Town by Steven Hunt

The Pits - Tullia Marcolongo
BC's Huckleberry mine raises more concerns about flaws in the environmental assessment process, and conflicts of interest in government.

Gathering Steam -Steven Peck and Chris Callaghan
Eco-industrial parks exchange waste for efficiency and profit.

Political Warming - Ian H. Rowlands
The Geneva Climate Change Conference offers limited hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Inset: Scariest Thing About Climate Change: Climate Flips by Patricia Beaulieu

Temagami Diary - Laurie Gourlay
Ontario's government plans to open up for mining and logging 58 percent of one of the last stands of old growth pine.

Daishowa Tries Gag Critics - Christopher Genovali
Daishowa's latest SLAPP initiative was tailored to silence public criticism of their highly controversial lawsuit.

Jonathan Collett and Stephen Karakashian, eds., Greening the College Curriculum: A Guide to Environmental Teaching in the Liberal Arts 
Julian Keniry, Ecodemia: Campus Environmental Stewardship at the Turn of the Century 
Stephanie Mills, In Service of the Wild: Restoring and Reinhabiting Damaged Land 
Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees, Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on the Earth 
Mary Lean, Bread, Bricks, Belief: Communities in Charge of Their Future

Harms' Way: The Intelligence of Chickens - Dave Harms

Power and Development Alternatives Journal 23.2
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