Is Sustainability Possible Without Equity? 16.3

Published: October 1989

Editorial: View from the precipice - Susan Wismer

Thinking Globally and Acting Locally - Julia Gardner and Mark Roseland

Part I - Thinking Globally: The Role of Social Equity in Sustainable Development

Part II - Acting Locally: Community Strategies for Equitable Sustainable Development

Feminist Utopian Vision and Social Change - Jacqueline Pearce

More Alternatives

Canadian, World, Tech Notes

Harms’ Way: A prophet is born - Dave Harms

“No queremos el refugio”: Conservation and community in Costa Rica - Dorothy Anger

Giving “PEP” to Pointe Sainte-Charles: Community economic development in a big city - Nancy Neamtan

Noranda withdraws from pulp venture, may invest in recycling instead - Ingrid Liepa

Alberta commits forests to pulp - Ingrid Liepa

New Zealand’s South Westland rainforest wilderness to be preserved - Colin Michael Hall

Urban yuppies go wild, threaten plants - Douglas Symington

Fighting toxic terrorism - Jeffrey Kohl and Anukriti Sud

Greens grow in France, finally - John D. Ely

USSR has environmental troubles - Liana Kreamer and Mark Simpson


Greenhouse Warming: A Rationale for Nuclear Power? - Bill Keepin and Gregory Kats

The Bird of Time: The Science and Politics of Nature Conservation - N.W. Moore

The Purpose of Forests: Follies of Development - Jack Westoby

Shopping for a Better World: A Quick and Easy Guide to Socially Responsible Supermarket Shopping - Rosalyn Will, Alice Tepper Marlin, Benjamin Corson and Jonathan Schorsch

Podium: On having your cake and eating it too - Robert Gibson

Is Sustainability Possible Without Equity? Alternatives Journal 16.3
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