A\J Night School

A\J Night School schedule. Renewable energy, activism 101 and more.

It's never too late to go back to school.

To celebrate both back-to-school time and our new Night issue, A\J's web team committed to helping you learn something new every day night with a series of quick lessons covering everything from activism tactics and canning tips to how factory farms breed disease.

Lessons were posted every evening from September 16 to October 11. You can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, RSS or right here.


Week One Curriculum

Lesson 1: History – A brief history of A\J since 1971
Lesson 2: Renewable Energy – Introduction to solar power
Lesson 3: Activism 101 – Personal responsibility
Lesson 4: Science – Environmental Science key terms
Lesson 5: How- Guides – How to can food

Week Two Curriculum

Lesson 6: History – A\J's influential coverage of ecosystems thinking + best-selling issues
Lesson 7: Renewable Energy – Introduction to wind power
Lesson 8: Activism 101 – Corporate and government responsibility
Lesson 9: Science – The antibiotic resistance problem
Lesson 10: How-to Guides – How to start a community garden

Week Three Curriculum

Lesson 11: History – Social Ecologists and Deep Ecologists Face Off in the Letters Section
Lesson 12: Renewable Energy 
 Introduction to nuclear power
Lesson 13: Activism 101 – Writing an Op-Ed
Thursday and Friday classes were cancelled this week due to illness. 

Week Four Curriculum

Lesson 14: History – Past and Present A\J Partnerships & the Soft Energy Paths series
Lesson 15: Renewable Energy 
 Community Solutions for Energy Transitions
Lesson 16: Activism 101 – Taking Direct Action
Lesson 17: Science – The Pandemic Cocktail
Lesson 18: How-to Guides – How to Heal from Trauma with Herbs

A\J History classes recounted the history of both A\J and the Canadian environmental movement, as we looked at some of A\J's pivotal moments and crucial stories from over the years. In Intro to Renewable Energy, Stu Campana delivered primers on four key renewable energy options. Activism 101 can help you live out your eco values, from creating simple alternatives in your every day life, to getting the word out about an issue or participating in direct action. Explore the natural world from new angles with Thursday's Science Lessons, and exercise some applied skills with How-to Guides to finish off the week.

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