[...] I BELIEVE MY environmental advocacy contributed to making Canada’s environment a little better than it would have been without my efforts. I liked being an environmental­ activist. I enjoyed a good argument (as long as it wasn’t personal), I liked challenges and I liked making a difference. I also enjoyed getting to know so many people through my environmental activities. People used to ask me where I got all my energy. I would tell them from nature. The mountains, the trees, the rivers and the wildlife gave me enjoyment and energy. I really was a tree hugger! I loved my walks in the woods and ­canoeing down rivers.

I don’t want people to give money in memory of me. I would like each of you to think about some of the time we spent together; some of the things we did together. Your memories are ­important.

If you would like to do more than remember me (which I consider important … remembering me, that is), then I would ask you to do something extra to benefit­ the environment. Something you were not already planning to do or something­ you were not planning to do this soon. Through the additional actions taken by those who remember me, the environment will continue to benefit.

love, Martha

Martha Kostuch departed April 23, 2008. At Alternatives, we would like to express our deepest condolences to Martha’s family and friends. Martha was a true ­environmental crusader. Read more about this remarkable woman at: www.cen-rce.org/eng/Martha/index.html

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