Elizabeth May

Leader, Envoy, Minister? Voters want expanded role for May

The most heated that MP Justin Trudeau ever got in the House of Commons was on the matter of who gets to go to the UN climate conference. When former Conservative Minister of Environment Peter Kent chided former NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie for not attending the conference in Durban, […]

Federal Election

#Elxn42 Weekly Wrap-Up #3

Less than a week left until the Canadian federal election. In part of our 30-day election coverage, we’ve compiled the top environment and election related content that made headlines this week. This week, Canadians and other organizations have been fighting to make the environment part of election discussions.

Canada Federal Election

Voting for the Environment

Greenpeace wants you to vote in Canada’s 42nd federal election. Early in the election period, before most Canadians were likely to be paying attention to the four major political party leaders’ campaigns, Greenpeace launched ivoteclimate.ca. Like many organizations, they’re trying to engage Canadians (especially young Canadians) to not only show […]

Federal Election

New Advances in the Art of Issue Avoidance

Political candidates are skilled at fielding tough questions. Really tough questions require answers that offend some potential voters no matter how they are answered. Ambiguity, platitudes and answering some question other than the one that was asked are ways of coping with such questions. Some candidates in the 2015 campaign, […]