Environmental Law


BC Floats New Water Law

After an extensive development period, the British Columbia provincial government introduced Bill 18—Water Sustainability Act (WSA) into legislature this spring and it received Royal Assent in May. While it is now officially law, the WSA will not come into force until next year, after certain details have been finalized and […]

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Canada and Australia: Separated at Birth?

Canada and Australia have so much in common that they might be twin nations separated at birth. Both are large democratic, English-speaking, settler nations, thinly populated, prosperous, resource rich and politically moderate. They have multi-party, representative systems and historically have had strong environmental movements. Yet both have lately elected extreme […]

Courthouse with pillars.

Canadian Judiciary Poised to Redress Environmental Degradation

While the media has focused its lens upon the Harper government’s undermining of scientific research, scant consideration has been given to the impact of the “war on science” on Canada’s judiciary. Tasked with reviewing and adjudicating upon the constitutionality and validity of Canada’s resource regulatory process, the judiciary may be […]

Queen's Park, Ontario parliament building at night.

Where Do Ontario Political Parties Stand on Environmental Issues?

The past decade has taught environmentalists a hard truth about voting patterns, one that many have been trying valiantly to change: the environment takes a backseat when issues surrounding jobs and the economy are front and centre. Just ask Green Party leader Mike Schreiner. “The year 2007 was a great […]