Carleton University

Campus in Ottawa, Ontario


  • Architectural Sustainability & Conservation Engineering (BEng) (co-op)
  • Biology (BA, BSc, MSc, PhD) (co-op)
  • Chemical & Environmental Toxicology (MSc, PhD)
  • Earth Sciences (BSc) (co-op)
  • Ecology, Evolution & Conservation (MSc)
  • Environment & Health (BHSc)
  • Environmental Science (BSc) (co-op)
  • Environmental Studies (BA)
  • Food Science & Nutrition (BSc)
  • Geography (BA, BSc MA, MSc, PhD)
  • Geomatics (BA, BSc)
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering (BEng) (co-op)
  • Sustainable Development (Grad Diploma)
  • Sustainable Energy (MA, MSc, MEng)

Co-op option: Yes

Why Go Here?

Carleton's location in the nation's capital provides students with access to global connections, national databases, government departments and the headquarters of many non-government environmental organizations, all located just minutes from campus. Carleton encourages hands-on learning and entrepreneurial spirit, providing a variety of student support services. The school is developing a strategic plan to promote sustainability across campus. Carleton has a strong recycling program, and its goal is to increase waste diversion to 60 per cent by 2015. 


Applied Learning

The university provides many opportunities for its students to gain applicable, real-world experience. Field camps at both the undergrad and graduate levels allow students to gain hands-on experience researching and sampling. Many programs include a work placement as part of their fourth year practicum course. Students are encouraged to volunteer with government or non-governmental organizations related to their field of study. 


Extracurricular Activities

Students can enjoy Ottawa's many attractions, including a variety museums, professional sporting events, and the city's vibrant dowtown core. Ottawa's Students for the Environment group organizes educational events and participates in environmental campaigns, partnering with a different environmental charity each year.  The Science Society runs social and educational events. The school also participates in a large Earth Hour initiative. An alternative spring break program allows students to engage in community service initiatives. 


Best Natural Feature 

Carleton's campus is bordered by the sparkling Rideau River and Canal. Students can enjoy the river and relax, walk or bike in the nearby Gatineau Park. 

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