Dalhousie University

Campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia


  • Agriculture (MSc)
  • Animal Science (BSc, MSc)
  • Aquaculture (BSc)
  • Biology (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Earth Sciences (BSc, Msc, PhD) (co-op)
  • Environment, Sustainability and Society (BA, BSc, BCSc, BCD, BMgmt, Binf, BJH) (co-op)
  • Environmental Design Studies (BEDS, MEDS, MArch) (co-op)
  • Environmental Landscape Horticulture (BTech)
  • Environmental Science (BSc, MES) (co-op)
  • Environmental Studies (MES)
  • Integrated Environmental Management (BSc)
  • International Food Business (BBA, BAg)
  • Marine Biology (BSc) (co-op)
  • Ocean Sciences (BSc)
  • Oceanography (MSc, PhD)
  • Physics & Atmospheric Science (BSc, MSc, PhD) (co-op)
  • Planning (BCD, MPlan, MPS)
  • Plant Science (BSc)
  • Sustainable Resources & the Environment (BMgmt)

Co-op option: Yes

Why Go Here?

Dalhousie’s maritime location attracts world-class researchers and educators, making it a great destination for students interested in ocean and marine life. The university has an impressive number of environmental initiatives, from student-run workshops to green building projects, including a Green Guide accessible by smartphone. Dalhousie maintains a strong and diverse community, and Halifax is very student-friendly with a lively downtown. 


Applied Learning

The first-year integrated science program draws from a range of disciplines, including biomedical, environmental and life sciences. In Environment, Sustainability and Society, students develop strategies to address problems in the community. Field courses and co-op are widely available, and several field schools are offered in the summer session for experiential learning in geological field methods and first-hand observation.


Extracurricular Activities

The College of Sustainability hosts a regular lecture series as well as workshops on a variety of topics, such as vegetarian cooking or planning sustainable communities. The school hosts a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser, which seeks to eliminate poverty and substandard housing while making decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. 


Best Natural Feature

Located in the thriving city of Halifax, student have access to both the vibrant city life and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. 

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