The King's University College of Alberta

Campus in Edmonton, Alberta


  • Environmental Studies (BA, BSc)

Co-op option: No

Why Go Here?

The King's University College offers students both BA and BSc options in their Environmental Studies program. Students learn to apply practical environmental skills, including Environmental Impact Assessment and aerial photo mapping. The program emphasizes human-environmental interaction and stewardship of the environment with a Christian perspective. Small classes allow for networking opportunities and mentorship from professors. King's University is the only post-secondary institution in Canada with professional ECO Canada accreditation for an environmental studies program that includes both BA and BSc degrees. 

Applied Learning

The school takes an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to learning. The Environmental Studies (ENVS) program combines a major in ENVS with a concentration in either Social Sciences, the Humanities, or Natural Sciences, allowing students to tailor their degree to their chosen career path. Activity-based, constructivist learning is a fundamental component of all King’s courses. The program includes a mandatory 13-week internship, providing students with valuable professional experience. 

Extracurricular Activities

King’s conducts an annual stewardship challenge for students, staff and faculty to lower their footprints in transportation, food and energy. An interdisciplinary studies conference addresses current environmental and social issues, with keynote speakers and interactive workships.

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