Laurentian University

Campus in Sudbury, Ontario


  • Biology (BSc)
  • Boreal Ecology (PhD)
  • Earth Sciences (BSc)
  • Ecology (BSc)
  • Environmental Geoscience (BSc)
  • Environmental Science (BSc)
  • Environmental Studies (BA)
  • Geography (BA)
  • Geology (MSc)
  • Natural Resources Engineering (PhD)
  • Outdoor Adventure Leadership (BPHE)
  • Restoration Biology (BSc)
  • Science Communication (Grad Diploma)
  • Zoology (BSc)

Co-op option: No

Why Go Here?

Laurentian gives students the opportunity to study in either English or French with the flexibility of mixed-language course selection. By completing at 15 credits in each language, students can graduate with a certificate in bilingualism, adding value to their degree. Laurentian's student-to-faculty ratio is one of the best in the country, with an average class size of only 27 students. Small class sizes provide hands-on experience and one-on-one interaction with professors, better preparing students for real-world work environments. Laurentian also offers generous scholarships and bursaries.  


Applied Learning

Hands-on experience and field work are integral to many of the university's courses. Field trips and laboratories allow students to study wildlife in its natural setting, including forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers. Biology professors offer students summer jobs in ecological lab research. Students in the Restoration Biology specialization visit industrially damaged sites for practical experience with environmental recovery. Sudbury plays an international role in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem restoration, giving students many opportunities to get involved in the field.The city is also home to a cutting-edge watershed research centre.


Extracurricular Activities

Laurentian offers a rich, culturally diverse environment with a variety of student services, clubs, teams and social events. Sustainability initiatives are driven by faculty and student collaboration, with the goal of promoting environmental stewardship on campus. Outdoor recreation options include skating and ice fishing or exploring one of the region’s provincial parks. 


Best Natural Feature

Laurentian U sits at the edge of Ontario's North, known for its rich environment and abundance of natural resources. The campus is located in a 765-acre peninsula between Ramsey Lake, Nepahwin Lake and Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. The well preserved conservation area includes numerous walking and hiking trails, perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter. Campus includes a beautiful beach with opportunities for canoeing or kayaking. 

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