Mount Allison University

Campus in Sackville, New Brunswick


  • Biology (BSc, MS)
  • Environmental Science (BSc)
  • Environmental Studies (BA)
  • Geography (BA)

Co-op option: No

Why Go Here?

Mount Allison prides itself on accademic excellence and a close-knit, passionate community. Maclean's magazine has ranked the school Canada's top undergraduate university several times. Mount A is committed to sustainability, waste-reduction and local food-sourcing; approximately 40% of food purchased for the university dining hall comes from the Maritime region. Environmental Studies students have established a thriving farmers’ market and the Mount Allison Farm Initiative, allowing students to experience growing and harvesting their own food. The school hosts three Canada Research Chairs. 


Applied Learning

The Geography and Environment department offers a number of interdisciplinary options. Classes are focused on hands-on, experiential learning and many are laboratory-based. Students will have the opportunity to collect samples, navigate using GIS and participate in community town hall meetings. Internships provide practical experience and some students are invited to partner with faculty for research projects. A number of international exchanges are also available. 


Extracurricular Activites

Students can join the Environmental Issues Committee to help raise awareness and drive sustainable projects at the university. This Committee advises the President and directly influences the school's Environmental Policy. EcoAction is a student-run group whose numerous initiatives include coordinating an inter-university competition that promotes energy conservation. Students can live in Cuthbertson House, the campus's sustainable residence. 


Best Natural Feature 

The Sackville Waterfowl Park on the outskirts of campus is a stunning local bird sanctuary, used as an educational, environmental, and community resource. The Tantramar Marshlands, located in a short proximity to campus are a wide expanse of tidal marshlands and dykelands, with nationally recognized natural and historic significance. 

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