St. Thomas University

Campus in Fredericton, New Brunswick


  • Environment and Society (BA)

Co-op option: No

Why Go Here?

STU offers the unique opporunity of studying environmental issues in a liberal arts context. The program focuses primarily on environmental problems as the effects of human economic and social systems. Courses help students develop critical self-awareness and independent decision making. The school's environmental initiatives include building retrofits, bottle-refill water fountains and water reduction competitions between residences. 


Applied Learning

The Environment and Society program is highly interdisciplinary, focusing on ecological challenges, social justice and taking action. The program focuses on social processes that influence environmental issues, and students can work with a community organization in their final year. Students have the opportunity to develop advanced skills in research as well as written and verbal communication. 



Extracurricular Activities

Students can gain valuable experience through volunteer opportunities with local groups, including the Parks and Wilderness Society and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Students for Sustainability lobbies for environmental initiatives, hosts film festivals and fundraisers, and engages in community activism. The campus also has an active bike share program. Residence Life has hosted a 100-mile dinner initiative. 


Best Natural Feature 

Fredericton is student-friendly and situated on the Saint John River. The campus is surrounded by indigenous trees, shrubs, flowering plants and green space. 

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