Université de Moncton

Campus in Moncton, New Brunswick


  • Biology (BSc, MSc) (co-op)
  • Environmental Studies (MEE, JD/MEE)
  • Forest Science (BFSc, MFSc) (co-op)
  • Geography (BA)

Co-op option: Yes

Why Go Here?

UMoncton is a french language university nown for its accademic excellence and its commitment to developing and preserving Acadian/French-Canadian culture. A green campus committee promotes environmentally responsible behaviour on campus. 

Applied Learning

Co op programs blend work and study terms to give students applied experience. The MEE degree is structured to balance coursework, internships, writing and independent research. The Forestry program manages an 830 hectare experimental forest near the Edmonston Campus, which is used for classwork, research and recreational activities. 

Extracurricular Activities

The Université de Moncton has become the single most important centre for the social, cultural and economic development of New Brunswick’s Acadian population. The UMCS Green Committee is student-faculty collaboration dedicated to creating a sustainable campus and an inspiration for the community. Initiatives have included awareness days, film screenings and a tree-planting project on campus.


Join a national network of environmentally-minded students