University of Manitoba

Campus in Winnipeg, Manitoba


  • Agribusiness (BSc) (co-op)
  • Agribusiness & Agricultural Economy (MSc, PhD)
  • Agriculture (BSc) (co-op)
  • Agroecology (BSc) (co-op)
  • Agronomy (BSc) (co-op)
  • Animal Science (MSc, PhD)
  • Animal Systems (BSc) (co-op)
  • Biodiversity, Ecological & Environmental Biology (MSc, PhD)
  • Biology (BSc) (co-op)
  • City Planning (MCP, PhD)
  • Design & Planning (PhD)
  • Environmental Science (BSc) (co-op)
  • Environmental Studies (BES) (co-op)
  • Entomology (MSc) (co-op)
  • Environment and Geography (MA, MEnv, PhD)
  • Entomology (MSc, PhD)
  • Environment & Geography (MA, MSc, MEnv, PhD)
  • Environmental Design (BEnvSc)
  • Environmental Science (BEnvSc) (co-op)
  • Environmental Studies (BEnvsSt) (co-op)
  • Food Science (BSc, MSc, PhD) (co-op)
  • Geography (BA, BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Geological Sciences (BSc, MSc, PhD)
  • Geology (BSc)
  • Geophysics (BSc)
  • Landscape Architecture (March)
  • Natural Resources Management (MNRM, PhD)
  • Plant Biotechnology (BSc) (co-op)
  • Plant Science (MSc, PhD)
  • Soil Science (MSc, PhD)

Co-op option: Yes


Why Go Here?

As the province's largest university, U of M offers a welcoming community with an abundance of opportunities for students. The Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources aims to explore interdisciplinary solutions to global challenges including climate change, resource extraction and meeting energy demands.


Applied Learning

The school focuses on innovation in the classroom, providing students with many chances to meet and learn from current and future leaders. Courses focus on interdisciplinary strategies and solutions to global problems. There are many undergrad research opportunities. A number of  courses include travel and field components, taking students to Churchill to study the Manitoba coastal region or to Clearwater, where students study the relationship between rural communities and their environments. Co-op programs help students develop high academic standards and strong work ethic. 


Extracurricular Activities

A campus-wide sustainability committee hosts several annual events, including an environmental awareness week and a campus beautification day. Students can get involved with the U of M Recycling and Environment Group, Campus Greens, or The Waste Prevention Re-Shop. The school also has a strong indigenous community. 

Join a national network of environmentally-minded students

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