University of Winnipeg

Campus in Winnipeg, Manitoba


  • Biology (BSc)
  • Bioscience, Technology & Public Policy (MSc)
  • Environmental Science (BSc)
  • Environmental Studies (BA)
  • Environmental, Resource & Developmental Economics (MA)
  • Geography (BA, BSc) (co-op)

Co-op option: Yes


Why Go Here?


UWinnipeg is a diverse and dynamic place to learn, attracting leading researchers from arround the world. The Environment and Science Complex is a model of green building technology with a tree-filled atrium and state-of-the-art energy efficiency. Environmental Studies and Sciences provide a transdisciplinary perspective, guiding students in their understanding of environmental challenges and in developing solutions. The university takes an integrated approach to the interactions between humans and the environment. The main campus food provider, Diversity Food Services, delivers local, organic, and fair trade food while providing meaningful and inclusive employment in the community.

Applied Learning


UWinnipeg offers small class sizes, award-winning professors, state-of-the-art labs and many research opportunities. The school is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and community outreach. Both students and faculty engage in cutting-edge environmental research and many courses offer field or lab components. A tutoring centre provides students with additional resources. 

Extracurricular Activities


The UWinnipeg Community Renewal Corporation, a charitable organization, spearheads sustainable campus development.  A Campus Sustainability Policy was adopted in 2006, and the university has committed to building this mandate into all of its programs, activities and operations. The university is deeply involved in community outreach through a number of learning, recreation and mentorship programs.

Best Natural Feature 


The campus's landcaping promotes livability, saftey, and community space for all students. The Richardson Green Corridor links the school's western and main campuses. 

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