Designing Suburban Futures \ June Williamson

Designing Suburban Futures: New Models from Build a Better Burb

Suburban sprawl has defined much of the last half century of North American development. Suburban design and use have changed continuously throughout this period and are still evolving as suburban retrofit projects become ever more common.

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Environmental Science Terminology

This article is part of A\J’s web series Night School. In celebration of back-to-school time and our Night issue, the A\J web team brought you a series of quick lessons, posted between September 16 to October 11, 2013, covering everything from activism tactics and canning tips to how factory farms breed disease. 

EV3 Living Wall

A New Challenge: Beyond Zero Waste

This article was originally published at the Network for Business Sustainability’s Thought Leaders blog.  Cut back. Reduce harm. Do without. Use less stuff. Be less bad. Stripped down to these blunt phrases, the prevalent narrative surrounding sustainability — one based on ideas about constraints, limits and damage mitigation — is […]

Sowing Seeds in the Desert book review A\J

Sowing Seeds in the Desert

The vision promoted by Masanobu Fukuoka to fight desertification using natural farming methods is undeniably an appealing one. Sowing Seeds in the Desert is the latest attempt to revitalize the teachings of this farmer and philosopher. Initially published in Japanese in the mid-1990s, the book’s vintage adds poignancy to Fukuoka’s […]

Doomed Island

THEY SIT BEMUSED under the equatorial sun, like the victims of natural catastrophe, an earthquake perhaps, the second shock imminent and inescapable. The young men and women of Nauru. Theirs is the first nation in a hundred years to plummet from “First World” to “Third World” status in a single […]