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Hydropower and the Middle Ground

Muskrat Falls is getting a hydroelectric project. Against the objections of local environmental and Inuit-Metis groups, the Federal Court has given the southern Labrador project a green light. There’s some cognitive dissonance involved in watching environmental allies struggling against a form of renewable energy, but hydropower seems to occupy something […]

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Urban River Valleys Mean More Growth for Ontario Greenbelt

It’s a new beginning for Ontario’s 1.8 million acre Greenbelt. On January 10, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was in Newmarket to announce a significant new designation to Greenbelt legislation, which will make it easier for municipalities to add public land to what is already the largest greenbelt in the world. […]

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Stressed-Out Symbiosis

THROUGHOUT THE MAJESTIC COASTAL FORESTS of the Pacific Northwest, spawning salmon and bears form one of the ecosystem’s most vital, nourishing relationships. Yet their keystone connection faces enormous threats. Wild salmon must survive overzealous fisheries and sea lice-infested farms. Brown and black bears suffer from habitat loss, sport hunting and other […]