Alex Goddard, Editor, Digital Media

Meet our new Editor, Digital Media

Welcoming our newest team member.

A\J is very excited to announce that Alex Goddard will be joining the team as the Editor (Digital Media) as of February 1. Alex has worked with A\J in the past – doing his co-op placement in the summer of 2020, as an editorial assistant helping to write the ‘Getting There: The Ecosystem of Human Movement’ issue. Alex has remained close with AJ and has volunteered to help edit a few issues since, as well as submitting a few of his own contributions. Alex will be joining as A\J turns a focus to creating more online and digital media, and we are excited to have him editing and producing content for these online channels, as well as helping diversify and grow A\Js online presence. Alex brings with him a passion for the environment having grown up in Barbados where he has seen the effects of climate change in the Caribbean and pursued that passion by earning his BSc(H) in Environmental Science at Queen’s University, and a Masters of Environment and Sustainability at Western University. If you would like to read some of Alex’s previous contributions, check out his author profile, and you’ll be seeing some new contributions from him soon, starting this Friday!