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Cory Trépanier, Mount Thor

Into the North

There is a saying that serves as part challenge and part inspiration: “If they don’t laugh at your dream, it’s not big enough.” If this is true, landscape-painter Cory Trépanier must spend a lot of time defending himself. His vision is so enormous that he had to renovate his barn […]

Jayne Engle, Cities for People

Organizing Urbanism

In cities across Canada, people and organizations are finding ways to address complex challenges and creatively shape the future of their communities. They are greening neighbourhoods while producing local food, creating social enterprises to reduce poverty, mentoring immigrants and helping them integrate into their new communities, and using community arts […]

6 Super Summer Apps - man walking on a beach looking at his phone

6 Super Summer Apps

Screen time and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. A recent US Public Interest Research Group study found that hand-held technology advancements are leading smartphone users to choose multi-modal transportation over privately owned vehicles, especially among 16- to 34-year-olds. Beyond making car sharing, bike sharing, cab hailing and public […]

A\J's guide to the sharing economy

Share Now: Your How-to Guide to Getting More and Wasting Less

Sharing is about maximizing the use of products, services and ideas in order to minimize overall consumption by a community. This principle has a surprising number of applications – people can and do share just about anything. It’s also nothing new; sharing books, movies, equipment and hand-me-downs has been common […]