A shale gas well in Pennsylvania

Fracking’s Return on Investment is a Myth

J. David Hughes is a geoscientist with four decades of experience analyzing Canada’s energy resources, including 32 years with the Geological Survey of Canada. He developed the National Coal Inventory and recently coordinated an assessment of Canada’s unconventional natural gas potential. His 2013 publication, Drill, Baby, Drill: Can unconventional fuels […]

Graphic of oil barrels and a train going downhill - A\J

Mégantic, Fracking & Money

EARLY SPECULATION on what caused the train disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Québec, in July seems to have settled on the role of the train’s engineer and the railway company’s poor safety record – and penchant for cutting corners. Some attention was also paid to the out-dated technology used for dangerous cargo, […]

Drilling, hydraulic facturing in the North Dakota badlands. A\J Alternatives

The Green Athlete: Running Wild

It may stretch our imaginations a little to merge the worlds of marathons and fracking, but that is exactly what is happening this spring in the badlands of North Dakota. Adventure Science is currently carrying out 100 Miles of Wild: North Dakota Badlands Transect, a trek across the badlands to […]