Exxon vs. the People

ExxonMobil on Trial

There was nothing “mock” about it. Canadian journalist Naomi Klein and American founder of Bill McKibben served as co-council in the trial of ExxonMobil. One of the biggest oil companies is the world was put on trial in Paris for crimes of deception. Investigations earlier this year revealed that […]


Adhering to the Laws of Nature

It is easier to adjust human created rules than it is to override the laws of nature. Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein borrowed a set of that piece of Julius Caesar wisdom when developing the Leap Manifesto, which launched last September. Caesar meant it in the context of adding […]


Why We March

Ahead of this week’s start of United Nations climate change negotiations, people around the world marched demanding governments to reach a science-based agreement that will keep global warming under 2 degrees, while providing the needed resources to move to a fossil free world. In Canada, thousands marched with the biggest […]

Mark Terry at COP21

Connecting Climate Research

Climate change negotiations are complicated, Mark Terry and the Youth Climate Report (YCR) team is helping everyone see through the policy language and understand the issue at hand. Using a new Google application called Fusion, Terry has created an interactive map with links to video interviews with climate scientists from […]

McKenna and Dion

McKenna says Canada is Back

The 90-day countdown is almost on for Trudeau to meet his election promise of developing new emissions targets post-COP21. The day before the UN climate negotiations’ official start, Ministers Catherine McKenna and Stéphane Dion (Environment and Climate Change and Foreign Affairs, respectively) addressed press on Canada’s contributions and goals for […]

Industrial Pollution

Canada and the Kyoto Protocol

From its ratification in 2002 to Canada’s eventual withdrawal from the agreement in 2011, the Kyoto Protocol has caused many debates, disagreements and discussion for the country and its citizens. In December, Canada is expected to sign on to a new climate agreement at COP21 in Paris. Is there anything […]

UW COP21 Students

The Students of COP21

Climate change is an international, inter-generational and interdisciplinary issue. To help on the inter-generational side, the University of Waterloo is sending a team of six student delegates from diverse academic backgrounds to represent the university at COP21 in Paris, France. Four other UW Students will be attending the negotiations with […]


Why You Can Only Sometimes Trust a COP

As you’ve surely heard, COP21 will be taking place soon in Paris, like a high-speed electric train of acronyms. Oh, the acronyms. The UNFCCC – that’s the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – sure does love its acronyms. COP, by the by, stands for Conference of the Parties, […]