Eco-polymaths, illustration by nik harron

Creating a Values-Driven Career

We spend most of our lives at work—where levels of disengagement are at an all-time high, according to the Conference Board of Canada. This is bad for our economy, since disengaged workers are less productive. It’s also bad for workers and their families, who live the daily physical and mental […]

Newfoundland root cellar

Deep Green: Newfoundland’s Root Cellar Renaissance

To be brutally honest, I actually don’t believe in sustainability at all. I confess! The trend currently identified as “sustainability” would simply be called using common sense if either of my grandmothers were to offer their posthumous opinions. While it is true that new technologies and radical innovations might sell […]

Jayne Engle, Cities for People

Organizing Urbanism

In cities across Canada, people and organizations are finding ways to address complex challenges and creatively shape the future of their communities. They are greening neighbourhoods while producing local food, creating social enterprises to reduce poverty, mentoring immigrants and helping them integrate into their new communities, and using community arts […]

The Province of Ontario's 25-year Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Implementing the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

The Neptis Foundation is well known for its research reports on land use and transportation issues in the Toronto region. It is one of the few outfits currently publishing material at a regional scale of analysis in Canada. So when Neptis releases a new report, it’s a bit of an […]