The Nature Force

When thinking about the future, unfortunately, it is impossible to think of one that does not involve climate change. As a result, climate change mitigation and adaptation measures need to be quickly implemented into society to create climate-resilient communities. This is where the newly formed ‘The Nature Force’ is hoping […]

Why is it Vital to Conserve Rivers?

Water is necessary for humans, but where does that water come from? The world’s rivers have been degraded by humans so drastically that the water security of approximately 5 billion people and the survival of thousands of aquatic species are at risk. Rivers are home to ~0.5% of our freshwater […]

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Documentary Review: The Rainmakers of Nganyi (plus film link!)

How can we make an understanding common? Passionate advocates continuously seek new answers to this question, as it is so pertinent to inciting change. Steve McDonald’s short film, The Rainmakers of Nganyi, proposes one solution to this concern. Alternatives Journal discussed these rainmakers in our spring 2010 issue, so it […]

(Photo: a cityscape of downtown Los Angeles, California)

California Isn’t Having a Water Crisis, it’s Having a Runoff Crisis

California once possessed one of the most precious and critical natural resources of the North American continent. The Redwoods, also known as Sequoioideae, are the majestic, mystical trees that line the Oregon and California coast by the thousands. They are a keystone species, the pillars of an entire ecosystem that […]