A Letter from the Chair

A message from the Chair of Alternatives Media Inc, welcoming you to our new website.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A\J’s new website! We are so glad you are here, whether it is your first time discovering our magazine or whether you’ve been a vital part of our long journey somewhere along the way. 

Alternatives Journal (A\J) has been independently publishing intelligent, informed, and inspiring environmental journalism since 1971. Back then, we were founded with the purpose of and commitment to helping environmental literacy grow in Canada, and now we’re in 2021 – our 50th year. What better time than now to launch a new website and spruce up our online editorial platform to continue fuelling our fire for publishing stories, inspiring action, and engaging with millions of Canadians, each and every day.

Looking back through our 50 years, we have had many incredible achievements and partnerships, a few big changes, and countless amazing contributions. As Canada’s only national environmental media charity, we’ve always welcomed change and innovation with open arms through the decades. Back in the late 80s, when the typesetting printing process was transitioning to desktop publishing, our few staff members at the time were dedicated to evolving A/J with the changing times. Similarly, when digital publishing and online platforms became available, A/J was first in line to jump on the bandwagon of change. Yet, throughout all our growth and advancements, our core mission has remained – to provide reliable insight on environmental topics, to inspire and empower positive action, and to create new bonds and partnerships in the environmental community and enhance existing ones.

We are so proud to be a living, breathing example of the continuing evolution of storytelling. As a leader in Canadian environmental journalism, we continue to be on the leading edge of digital strategies and we are committed to telling stories in the latest and greatest ways to reach as many people as we can. We continue to grow and evolve, build new relationships and foster old ones, and connect environmental conversations across Canada – all because we believe that environmental journalism and communication is needed at the centre of the environmental movement. We need environmental communication to bridge gaps, uplift voices, and empower people. 

In this day and age, our stories are becoming increasingly important to tell. We hope this new online editorial platform provides an enhancement of our storytelling capacities. As always, we will continue striving to present the stories and solutions because the solutions exist and we’re here to share them.



Tori Mikhnovsky is the Chair of the Board at Alternatives Media Inc (AMI). She has a long-standing record of being a champion of progress and positive change from working over 20 years in the software industry. Now, she works to grow and develop cross-sector partnerships in the field of green work by continuing to expand environmental journalism and media through her leadership of the AMI board.