Introducing the 2019 Winners of the YRE Canada Eco-Journalism Competition!

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2019 YRE Canada Eco-Journalism Competition for Youth! Youth from across the country investigated solutions to environmental challenges in their communities (and around the world), and shared their findings through video, photography, and writing.

Still image from Metamorphosis

Motivating Our Metamorphosis: A Film Review of Metamorphosis (2018)

In Metamorphosis, filmmakers Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper skillfully explore the materialization of our planet’s metamorphosis amidst a worsening climate crisis. By sharing an intricate collage of stories, this film avoids perpetuating the daunting notions of guilt and defeat to focus on swelling the hearts of audience members with a […]


Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

To watch Anthropocene is to be saddened and overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by our remaking of the Earth’s surface through extractive industries; by the destruction of living creatures on land and at sea; and by the injury inflicted on humans, especially the poor, as they participate in these processes.   Earlier societies harnessed and harmed […]

Accidental Gravity. Bernard Quetchenbach. Oregon State University Press, 249 pp.

‘Accidental Gravity: Residents, Travelers, and the Landscape of Memory’

There’s an ethereal quality to much nature writing that can feel oppressively twee, miscalibrated to life in the Anthropocene. Annie Dillard may have had a year to wander the Blue Ridge Mountains playing King of the Meadow with grasshoppers, but that was 1974. Haven’t you heard? A Delaware-sized iceberg is […]