The Muralist

Pamela Rojas is an artist, a community organizer and civic mobilizer who uses murals as a way to build connections between people and places in her home community of Waterloo Region. Believing that ‘a mural is a piece of art for everyone,’ Rojas has been helping to physically transform urban spaces […]


Power of Art

Imagine standing on a street corner in a Canadian city in the middle of February, and every wall that surrounds you is covered in a bright, colourful painting. Vibrant images reflect our diverse culture and relationships with nature. Imagine walking past these illustrations every morning as you start your day. […]


Stronger Together

“I’m allergic to coalitions.” That’s what a prominent Canadian environmental leader once told me. It was 2012, and the organization I was working with at the time had broached the idea of uniting several groups in an effort to disrupt the entrenched “jobs versus nature” narrative.


Walk With Me

The words on the back of the business card say so much: Belong & Thrive.  For staff at House of Friendship, a social service charity based in Waterloo Region, Ont., these words are much more than an inspirational motto. They are a reminder that helping people in need by providing food, […]


Dare to Belong

In a world facing many social challenges, it is hard to sort through all the “need” and find the right place to start inciting change. It is understood that poverty, housing and food insecurity (to name but a few) are very real challenges. We see them every day when we go […]


Atwood Believes!

Anyone familiar with Margaret Atwood’s writing could be excused for assuming that she is likely not a fan of the Christian perspective. Set in the near future when an ultra-conservative and totalitarian Christian regime has overthrown the United States government, The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of Offred, one of […]

Extinction Art Spread

Extinction Art

THIRTY YEARS after Andy Warhol made a series of silkscreen prints to raise awareness of endangered species, evidence of an ongoing sixth mass-extinction event grows. Each year, Canada’s list of species at risk gets longer. A blogger at Scientific American offers an extinction countdown. Scientists provide alarming accounts and warn […]