Planet In Focus

Planet in Focus 2015

Now in it’s 16th year running, Planet in Focus is an environmental media arts organization dedicated to showcasing films that question, explore and tell stories about the world we live in. The Film Festival — based in Toronto — kicks off this Wednesday with Vandana Shiva, author, journalist, and global […]

Watershed - Tanja Jacobs, Kristen Thomson, Ngozi Paul, Bruce Dinsmore, Alex Ivanovici, Amelia Sargisson

The Watershed

The Watershed is a documentary verbatim play, created through a research and community building process. The play focuses on writer Annabel Soutar’s research into the federal government’s 2012–2014 closing of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). The ELA is a scientific ecosystem research facility in Ontario that was transferred to a […]

Watershed - Eric Peterson and cast

New Play about the Experimental Lakes Area, The Watershed, Opens in Toronto This Week

Annabel Soutar and Chris Abraham are, respectively, the artistic directors of Montreal’s Porte Parole theatre and Toronto’s Crows Theatre. Between 2012 and 2014, the two collaborated on producing and touring Seeds, a play about the use and spread of genetically modified organisms. I spoke to them last weekend about their new […]

Padule di Fuecchio wetlands, Italy | Francesca

Youth Photographers Capture the Beauty of Wetlands

Wetlands are home to complex ecosystems rich in biodiversity. They provide vital ecosystem services such as water filtration, making them the kidneys of the Earth – and they are disappearing. Wetlands are majorly threatened by commercial development, mineral and peat extraction, and a myriad of other human practices and their consequences […]