Loon \ Jackson Beardy

Loon Jackson Beardy

Focusing on First Nations Art

Edward Morassut reflects on his lifetime of collecting Canadian indigenous art.

This art needs to be seen and appreciated. 

This art needs to be seen and appreciated. 

Edward Morassut is an art collector based in London, Ontario. Working closely with art dealers, other collectors and the artists themselves, Morassut has assembled an important collection of Canadian Indigenous pieces by artists including Carl Ray, Alex Janvier and Joseph Sanchez, who collaborated and influenced each other as members of the famous artist collective Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. Many of the works in his collection demonstrate a strong connection to the land and nature, which reflects his own interest in wilderness conservation and preservation. Matthew Ryan Smith spoke to Morassut in April.

Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD, is a freelance writer, independent curator and educator based in London, Ontario. His writings have appeared in several Canadian and international art publications including Canadian Art Magazine, First American Art Magazine and FUSE Magazine. He has recently completed a book chapter on unsanctioned graffiti and street art in Post-Apartheid South Africa.