Kayanase site

The Kayanase Connection

On a beautiful stretch of green fields and trees on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, two rounded structures stand out from the landscape of rolling hills: an open-air greenhouse and a 17th century replica longhouse. This is the site of Kayanase (pronounced Guy-yawn-na-say), an Indigenous owned and […]


Minjimendan, Garden of Remembering

Educational Video Companion: Indigenous Food Security and Farming   Dr. Andrew Judge is an Anishinaabe-Irish Scholar and founded the ongoing Indigenous knowledge project, Minjimendan, at rare Charitable Research Reserve. Minjimendan is an Ojibway word meaning “in a state of remembering.” It is a reference to the state of mind in […]

Jonathan Rotsztain

Toronto Island Living: November Glow

As a recent transplant to Toronto Island, Jonathan Rotsztain will be documenting his first winter in this unique environment through interviews with seasoned Islanders. I’ve been living on the Toronto Island since the beginning of September. When I returned to my native city after spending time in more rural places, […]

Dr. Vandana Shiva at Planet in Focus

Film as a Catalyst for Change

Last week, Planet in Focus wrapped their five-days of 60 films, from 15 countries, attended by 30 international and Canadian filmmakers. With numerous sold-out screenings including their opening event “An Evening with Dr. Vandana Shiva”, the attendance for this year’s event was up 15 percent from last year.

Planet In Focus

Planet in Focus 2015

Now in it’s 16th year running, Planet in Focus is an environmental media arts organization dedicated to showcasing films that question, explore and tell stories about the world we live in. The Film Festival — based in Toronto — kicks off this Wednesday with Vandana Shiva, author, journalist, and global […]