Screenshot of a climber taking a photo from the top of a cliff.

Climbers Reach New Heights

Rock climbing is an ideal outdoor recreational activity: it brings people together, allows you to explore remote locations and helps you fall in love with the outdoors. This great physical activity requires little equipment and challenges you to achieve your maximum potential. But like most outdoor recreational sports, rock climbing […]

A\J's guide to the sharing economy

Share Now: Your How-to Guide to Getting More and Wasting Less

Sharing is about maximizing the use of products, services and ideas in order to minimize overall consumption by a community. This principle has a surprising number of applications – people can and do share just about anything. It’s also nothing new; sharing books, movies, equipment and hand-me-downs has been common […]

ice hockey at risk due to climate change A\J

Skating on Thin Ice

Many sports fans in Canada and the United States are eagerly anticipating the upcoming outdoor NHL games this season. The outdoor games are a huge success for the league and this year’s showcase event, the Winter Classic featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings, will take place on […]

Community Access Bike Share Kitchener A\J

Kitchener’s New Bike Share Gives Back to the Community

Trudy Sohl got to try out one of Kitchener’s new community access bicycles for the women’s bike ride last week. Because she doesn’t have a bike, she was particularly enthusiastic that she and her daughter were able to take the new cruiser-style bicycles for a spin downtown. And the best […]