6 Eco-Tips to Make Your Kitchen Environment-Friendly in the Digital Age

There are many ways you can go about living a more sustainable lifestyle. Around the world, we’re seeing companies making commitments to lower their carbon footprint. On the other hands, more homes are switching to solar power (just like we previously discussed on Alternatives Journal). While these steps certainly go a […]


The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 26

Elon Musk ranked the second richest person in the world. Source: Shutterstock Mr. Musk did it again. Tech giant has become ranked the second richest person in the world right behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He jumped the ranks after Tesla stocks boomed from $7.2bn to $128bn. Tesla is considered […]


Wastewater Heat Recovery On the Rise

Waste-to-energy is an idea about to hit the big-time. What used to be a suite of technologies mostly employed by the poor in developing countries is now being eagerly revamped for distribution across North America by waste-to-energy start-ups hoping to capitalize on the fantastic quantities of waste we produce. We […]

The Province of Ontario's 25-year Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Implementing the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

The Neptis Foundation is well known for its research reports on land use and transportation issues in the Toronto region. It is one of the few outfits currently publishing material at a regional scale of analysis in Canada. So when Neptis releases a new report, it’s a bit of an […]

The Nano Revolution film review A\J AlternativesJournal.ca

The Nature of Things: The Nano Revolution

Around the year 2000, I attended a conference organized by the Council of Canadians about the risks associated with genetically modified organisms. At some point during the proceedings, an extraordinary thing happened. One of the speakers, professor Ann Clark (then of Guelph University) rose and said the following: the problem […]