In "The Cautionary Tale of Kalamazoo," Mark Brooks details how the still-unfolding horrors of spilled bitumen in Michigan's Kalamazoo River show us that more pipelines are an unacceptable risk. But there are a number of new pipelines on the horizon and the amount of oil flowing through them is set to more than double by 2017.

Click to view the current and projected volumes of North America's major oil and dilbit pipelines.

Use the interactive map above to explore where North America's major oil pipelines are and how much oil they're each carrying – plus major spills since 2010.

Line 9 facts and figures

Learn more about proposed pipelines:

Crack Pipeline (our Line 9 infographic)

The Ugly Truth About Energy East

5 Key Lessons from the Keystone XL Pipeline Fight

Where and how much Northern Gateway will leak

And more...

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