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Minjimendan, Garden of Remembering

Educational Video Companion: Indigenous Food Security and Farming   Dr. Andrew Judge is an Anishinaabe-Irish Scholar and founded the ongoing Indigenous knowledge project, Minjimendan, at rare Charitable Research Reserve. Minjimendan is an Ojibway word meaning “in a state of remembering.” It is a reference to the state of mind in […]


It’s Time to Unite!

Day 5 of the 2018 Turtle Island Solidarity Journey was spent back at the Pointe-Aux-Chien Tribal Building. We had connected with the community and shared a meal with its members a few days earlier, but this time we returned to nurture the relationship we all share – our relationship with […]


Home in the North

In the spring and summer of 2014 and late winter 2015, I lived and worked in the beautiful vibrant hamlet of Igloolik, Nunavut, a coastal Inuit community of more than 1800 people located on Igloolik Island about 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. I was there doing my undergraduate thesis, working on […]

74 Brendan Larson

A World For My Daughter: An Ecologist’s Search for Optimism (REVIEW)

In this lyrical book, Alejandro Frid weaves together the experiential, scientific, Indigenous and activist strands of his life into a series of letters to his daughter, Twyla Bella. Frid’s book is motivated by a deep concern for the state of the world that his daughter’s generation will inherit, yet also […]