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Climate, Culture, Change book review A\J AlternativesJournal.ca

Climate, Culture, Change: Inuit and Western Dialogues with a Warming North

There is no denying the unique vantage point of Timothy Leduc’s new book, Climate, Culture, Change: Inuit and Western Dialogues with a Warming North. Your first clue is right there in the subtitle: that’s dialogues with, not about, Canada’s northern ecology.

The Crossley ID Guide book review A\J AlternativesJournal.ca

The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds

Apart from a knowledgeable mentor, the field guide is a nature enthusiast’s most valuable tool. With the right guide, a seemingly featureless swath of unfamiliar habitat comes alive with ecological insight. In ornithology, guides are particularly valuable due to the immense variability that birds display. In The Crossley ID Guide: […]

The Wealth of Nature book review A\J AlternativesJournal.ca

The Wealth of Nature

The title of John Michael Greer’s The Wealth of Nature: Economics as if Survival Mattered contains references to two very different economic works: Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and E.F. Schumacher’s Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. He calls on both books in his attempt to demonstrate that contemporary economics has gone […]

Raising Elijah book review A\J AlternativesJournal.ca

Raising Elijah

We live in an age of monumental folly when it comes to the environment.  The folly is running along two different and equally worrisome tracks. First, there is the destruction of the natural world, our outer environment. It is typified by the looming failure to deal with global warming, a […]

Requiem for a Species book review A\J AlternativesJournal.ca

Requiem for a Species

I have a friend I’ll call Dave. An educated, rational and intelligent man, Dave can be counted on for thoughtful, reasoned arguments, except on one issue: climate change. He has read the overwhelming evidence, but Dave remains certain that climate change is a myth. His proof? He has none that […]