Accidental Ecosystems

Accidental Ecosystems

The Belarus government created the Polesie State Radiation Ecological Reserve in Belarus in the aftermath of humanity’s worst nuclear power calamity at Chernobyl. After a massive radioactive cloud descended on the forests, farmlands and villages dotting the landscape, almost 2,200 square kilometres were set aside in 1988 to protect wildlife. […]

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch by Gonzalo Pineda Zuniga | Flickr

Bison: The Original Climate Change Activists

Originally published on Stephen Bocking’s blog Environment, History, Science. There’s a lot that can be said about the relations between environmental history and science. Historians often use scientific knowledge to figure out past environments – and science itself is a focus of historical study.

Fingerling Chinook salmon at Port Credit Harbour

Swimming Against the Odds

There was a general sense of anticipation when the Ministry of Natural Resources truck backed in next to the Port Credit Harbour marina in Mississauga, Ontario. Everyone there at the water’s edge knew how important the truck’s cargo was to the overall health of the silty Credit River flowing brown into […]


Redefining Recovery: A New Model for Saving Species At Risk

Imagine you’ve just opened your eyes, and you’re in the hospital. You’ve had surgery after a catastrophic heart attack. You’re lucky to be alive. A nurse comes to check on you. “Oh, you’re awake,” he says, then promptly puts you in a wheelchair, pushes you beyond the sliding doors, and […]

Ruptured pipeline responsible for Kalamazoo spill.

The Cautionary Tale of Kalamazoo

In the early hours of July 26, 2010, Sue Connolly bundled her children into the car and drove to the local daycare in Marshall, Michigan, like every other weekday. But on this morning, something was not quite right. “There was a very strong odor in the air. It just took […]