Most of us do things every day that are not entirely in favour of the natural environment, whether it’s buying a to-go coffee in a plastic cup, taking an extra long shower after a hard day, or choosing not to buy local produce when it’s the more expensive option. Virtually […]

Breakfast in 2040 432

Breakfast in 2040

Editor’s note: This article is an exploration of a truly complicated topic: food and climate change. We’ve shared perspectives that touch upon the personal aspects, the scientific realities, and the actionable first-steps that can be taken to better plan for future changes in our climate.  

Food and the City Review Jennifer Cockrall-King A\J

Food and the City: Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution

Huge supermarket chains appear to be bursting at the seams with food choices, but this is mostly an illusion. The reality is that 75 per cent of our crop biodiversity has been lost. Our industrial food system has created too many overweight, undernourished citizens. The environmental degradation caused by multinational-scale […]

Preserves A\J

How to Can Food

Most environmentalists I know dabble in some form of food preservation. From wild fermentation to dehydration to freezing, there are many ways to keep local, organic produce year-round. Rather than a comprehensive recipe, this lesson details tips & tricks for hot water bath canning.