6 Eco-Tips to Make Your Kitchen Environment-Friendly in the Digital Age

There are many ways you can go about living a more sustainable lifestyle. Around the world, we’re seeing companies making commitments to lower their carbon footprint. On the other hands, more homes are switching to solar power (just like we previously discussed on Alternatives Journal). While these steps certainly go a […]


Indigenous Housing: Towards a model supporting community health

By: Dr. Shelagh McCartney, Jeffrey Herskovits & Kathryn Trnavsky HOUSING ISSUES in Canada’s Indigenous communities have been well documented for decades without any positive changes. As populations grow rapidly, housing demand continues to increase and the existing shortfall becomes exacerbated. Housing need creates not only a lack of suitable shelter but […]


Room for All

Almost 70 years ago, the United Nations declared adequate housing to be a fundamental human right, yet over a billion people lack this right across the globe. Canada’s status as a high-ranking country on global human development and liveability indices should imply that adequate housing for all has long been achieved […]


A Slow Revolution

A 2007 study by the Nebraska Energy Office demonstrated that when a 2500-square-foot home is constructed, on average 3.6 metric tonnes of waste is produced, all of which is shipped to landfills. Attributed to hotter than average summers, air conditioners, large emitters of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants, are also quickly becoming the norm […]


Our Mortgaged Future

Housing represents the single largest store of wealth among Canadian individuals and families, and is the largest expense in most household budgets. Housing epitomizes the concept of “use value” where the worth of something comes from how it is used, and not its resale price.  Historically, as land was passed down through generations […]