THIS ISSUE STARTS with a call to action. We propose that Canada’s housing system needs a reframing – and that’s putting it lightly. As a nation, we pride ourselves on being inclusive, friendly and compassionate people. But our housing situation does not reflect these values. Growing numbers of people are […]

Jonathan Rotsztain

Toronto Island Living: November Glow

As a recent transplant to Toronto Island, Jonathan Rotsztain will be documenting his first winter in this unique environment through interviews with seasoned Islanders. I’ve been living on the Toronto Island since the beginning of September. When I returned to my native city after spending time in more rural places, […]

Ugo Bardi

Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering the Planet

A few centuries ago humans ignited a fossil fire, liberating stocks of carbon long-buried in the Earth’s crust. Since then this fire has powered civilization, enabling the extraction of all other minerals. But it is now flickering, its fuel almost exhausted, even as the waste it produced threatens the biosphere. […]

Laneway housing. City of Vancouver.

Let’s Talk About Canada’s Future

Have you seen Canada’s new passport? Each page is designed as a snapshot of Canadian history, a representation of people and places that have formed our nation. We see pictures of Confederation, the Bluenose, the Last Spike – many images of exploration and development. Surprisingly, we do not see pictures of Canada […]

The Greened House Effect \ Jeff Wilson

The Greened House Effect

If you’ve ever dreamt of tearing down your old, energy-inefficient home and building a new, eco-friendly one, you may want to think again. After all, knocking down an existing building wastes materials and energy, and requires even more materials and energy to rebuild.