Open to Rediscover the Magic in our World?

Imagine… you are walking through a forest that is lush, green, and enchanting. The trees seem to creak and talk to one another in the breeze. A small group of dragonflies flit about in circles around you before zipping away. The sunlight stretches its arms through the cracks in the […]

The Summer of the Flying Fish

The Summer of the Flying Fish is a Chilean-French coproduction directed by Marcela Said. It premiered at Cannes Film Festival (2013) and won awards at the Cinema en Construction in Toulouse, La Habana Film Festival, and the RiverRun International Film Festival. The story unfolds as Manena, a young teenage girl, […]

A man paddles a girl to school on the backwaters of Kerala, India

Rethinking Sustainability

Chris Winter has spent two years rethinking our approach to sustainability: a year of research and introspection, and a year of world travel and learning with his family. Two years of reflection, experience, and percolation, and this is what he has found. LIFE IS DEFINED through success and failure, often […]

Istanbul Spice Market by Chris Winter

We Are How We Eat

In Verona, that most picturesque and fabled town, we ate horse. It was a cultural challenge, not a culinary one. The pastissada de caval was superb. As our waiter explained, horsemeat may have had its origins in tough times, but today it has everything to do with taste, not necessity. […]