Fashion designer Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks

A Stitch in Time (wastes less)

When my Austrian grandma passed away, I found her 20-year-old Dirndl in her wardrobe. Although it was much too big for me, I was emotionally unable to throw it away. Eventually, I decided this Dirndl deserved to be worn again. So, I opened all the seams, divided it into its […]

(Photo: a field of plastic and a dead cow outside Bikaner, India)

Mounds of Plastic

“Do you see those mounds of plastic?” our guide asks. “Each one was a cow.” Jitu Solanki is a wildlife expert working on his PhD in Zoology. He also leads wildlife tours from the guesthouse in Bikaner, Rajasthan (India’s largest state), with his wife, Puja. He can always guarantee you […]

hy-vee by Dean Hochman \ flickr

Fixing Food Waste

It won’t come as a surprise to most that we waste a significant amount of food as a society. We’ve all experienced that moment at the restaurant when we realize we won’t be able to finish what’s on our plate or that moment we find the strawberries in our fridge […]


Wastewater Heat Recovery On the Rise

Waste-to-energy is an idea about to hit the big-time. What used to be a suite of technologies mostly employed by the poor in developing countries is now being eagerly revamped for distribution across North America by waste-to-energy start-ups hoping to capitalize on the fantastic quantities of waste we produce. We […]