Water is moved around the world in commodities.

Hidden Streams

Water is embedded in and enriches nearly everything, including food. Agriculture accounts for a staggering 92 per cent of the rain, ground and surface water that people consume, most of it pumped for irrigation to produce cereal grains, meat and milk. This crucial reliance on water faces big challenges; a […]

Janice Lee with Region of Waterloo staff recycling expert Kathleen Barsoum.

Garbage Isn’t Garbage

Disclaimer: While most of the information in this post is widely applicable, the specific recycling capabilities of your municipality may differ. Most municipality websites offer detailed lists of what can and cannot be recycled in your area.

reclaimed barnboard toronto

Salvaging Beetlemania

The mountain pine beetle has arrived in western Canada in what Canadian Geographic has described as “a slow-moving tsunami,” and Canada’s boreal forest is at risk of potential obliteration if the destruction continues to spread. An unfortunate perfect storm of climate change and decades of improved fire suppression have given […]

Pieter Adongo, 17, at the Agbogbloshie e-waste dumping grounds.


The world is awash in electronic waste. With an ever-expanding market for electronic goods and continually shrinking product lifecycles, managing e-waste has become a global problem. In addition to the growing volumes of discarded computers, monitors, laptops, cellphones and other electronics in our landfills, e-waste often finds its way (by […]

Wipe Out

Barry Orr, spokesperson for the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG) and sewer compliance officer for the City of London, ON, would like us all to understand that “toilets are not garbage cans.” In a blog post for Water Canada, he says that material such as dental floss, diapers, candy […]

A\J's guide to the sharing economy

Share Now: Your How-to Guide to Getting More and Wasting Less

Sharing is about maximizing the use of products, services and ideas in order to minimize overall consumption by a community. This principle has a surprising number of applications – people can and do share just about anything. It’s also nothing new; sharing books, movies, equipment and hand-me-downs has been common […]