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Getting There: The Ecosystem of Human Movement

Leading the Change with Megan Leslie 1   The Last Mile 1 2 3 4 ecommerce/#changes-in-revenue-across-ecommerce 5 6 7 8Vachon, S. (2020). 9 10   It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Urban Agriculture! 1 S2211912418300956 2 Farm_A_Review_of_Developments_and_Implications_for_ the_Vertical_City 3 4 5 54 6 7 of_Urban_Agriculture_as_a_Nature-Based_Solution_A_ Review_for_Developing_a_Systemic_Assessment_ Framework 8 9 […]

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Growing the Forest & Conservation Sector With PLT Canada Green Jobs Mentors.

One third of the forest sector’s workforce is set to retire in the next decade. Mentorship is an important way to inspire and help recruit the next generation of forest leaders. Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada), an initiative of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), launched its Green Mentor program (#MyGreenMentor) last spring […]

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Alternatives Journal Releases Getting There: The Ecosystem of Human Movement

KITCHENER, November 2020 Today, Alternatives Journal is releasing our latest issue, Getting There: The Ecosystem of Human Movement. The carbon footprint of an individual within a developed country is drastically higher than someone in a developing country. The reason behind this is partly in how we choose to get around. […]


The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 23

Plastics & CO2 – a threatening combination for our oceans Source: Unsplash According to new research, the combined environment threats of plastic pollution and ocean acidification are having significant impacts on marine ecosystems. An international team of scientists at the University of Plymouth, England, in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba, Japan, […]

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Greening Canada’s COVID Recovery

Rebuilding the economy after the COVID pandemic will be complex, challenging, and long-lasting. Almost every part of our economy has suffered. Some sectors may rebound quickly, but many will take years to recover fully. National, provincial, and local recovery planning is essential and so is a broad-based buy-in. The process […]